Sunday, January 21, 2018

Junk Drawer Organization

Junk Draw Organization

I use recycled check book boxes as small storage for drawers.  I clean out the junk  drawer by placing small items in boxes.  The larger items are placed towards the back of drawer neatly in rows.  Get a folder for menus and place manuals in a clear plastic bag.  You don't need to invest in expensive organizing trays and gadgets if you want to organize your junk drawer for this year.

Aloe socks helped my dad's feet.

Aloe socks helped my dad's feet
These aloe socks and gloves have helped my dad's dry cracked feet become smooth.  I have removed dry skin due to the socks.  At 9.99 it is  good buy at bed bath and beyond. 

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Why Norweigens laughed at Trump after shit hole comment

Why Norweigens laughed at Trump after shithole comment.

A reporter asked a random Norweigan woman what she thought of Trump calling African nations and Latin America a shit hole and how he said they needed more Norweigens coming into the U.S.  The lady had no comment and started to laugh. That was the reaction of most Norweigens as they heard the news.  Why would they come to America, if their country provides universal health care, free education, pensions,and social security and other benefits.Norway has gun control laws so they are not killing each other off on a daily basis like in America.This nation of 5 million has a social welfare state that allows for Capitalism but believes in providing its citizens benefits so they can progress.There is little unemployment at 4%, most work to pay the high income taxes to provide these universal services.  So Norweigens may consider the US to be a shit hole country thats why they laugh.

Friday, January 19, 2018

How to turn an unused lanai into a third guest bedroom

How to turn an unused lanai into a third guest bedroom.

When creating a third guest bedroom from an idle lanai, you must first decide if room is large enough and will be comfortable.Many vacant lanai's are not climate controlled meaning that they are not insulated so when remaining room is hot in the summer due  to the sun or very cold in the winter due to frigid temperatures.  If it is in the budget  insulation should be added to ceilings and windows to make room more climate friendly.   But if you're like me who doesn't have the budget to add insulation, here are some other steps to take to turn that unfamilar lanai into a third guest room. First weatherstrip all windows by caulking the out side of windows.   Secondly, caulk the baseboards and the outlet to weatherproof room a little.If unaccounted room is large enough assess if the vacant room can serve dual purpose. By making it into a bedroom slash exercise/craft room like i my case.  I added two twin beds a dresser and a nightstand on one side half of room than on other half of room I added a tall cabinet as my craft center and a thread mill for exercise.  I added a screen to separate both spaces.  I added a rolling closet for clothes as well.   I added a space heater and a fan for comfort and now I have a brand new space.    Here are photos

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

ART is Personal

Art work can be both expensive and inexpensive but it is personal because Art speaks to a person's individual tastes and likes.  The same artwork can be interpreted differently by people, some can be offended and others not.  I like the American and Puerto Rican flags as art.  I hand painted a dining table with American flag design and covered an art canvas with the Puerto Rican flag.  Here are the photos

Sunday, January 7, 2018


Barnes and Noble in Ocala, FL
Huge flagship store at market place mall with wide selection of books and magazines on wide selection of topics and subjects.  If you are looking for the latest copy of Fire and Fury, the Trump tell all book, its sold out.  You will have to place yourself on waiting list in customer service section for copy of book.   If you make a purchase at Barnes and noble in Ocala, they will give you a coupon for a buy 1 cookie get 1 free cookie at their coffee shop.   The salted caramel white chocolate cookie delicious, must try.   It's about keeping local jobs in Ocala, visit local shops.  You won't have your on line packages stolen when left on doorstep.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Why Dems are underestimating Trump again?

I am a registered Democrat but I think I am more of an Independent.  I don't like it when either party is an extremes whether you're a Bernie Saunders democrat or a Louie Gomer Republican both extremes are bad because common sense is ignored. 
The Dems. are talking about impeachment when they know that Trump hasn't been proven to have done anything illegal only immoral.  The Democrats are using the recent tax plan as a main point of opposition towards Trump and republicans.  The Democrats have forgotten that the tax increase on middle class will be 8 years later. Meanwhile, more people will see more money in their checks and more confidence in economy.  If economy continues to grow the republicans will claim its the tax plan.  The democrats only have the argument that in 8 years that tax cut will expire. 
In the time Trump has entered office he has managed to keep his word to his base.  Trump has created a ban on Muslims, he is trying  to get the wall to be built, he is trying to eliminate Obama care among other promises.   Trump has kept his promises to tackle these issues,  he makes the argument that Congress has failed to pass.  Although, many Americans disagree with policies, I think many Americans respect the fact that Trump is keeping his word to his base.  In a world where politicians make promises and don't keep it, people respect that he is keeping his word.  The democratic party hasn't announced any new ideas or policies, nor have they recruited any new people.  The dems are floating around Joe Biden as a possible Presidential candidate, really again.  The democratic party needs to grow and have new popular policies and popular candidates, maybe the Rock could run.  Who knows?

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Is it really DIY if you get help

I enjoy DIY projects because I get a lot of pride knowing I did a project myself.  There are times that that DIY project can be a lot harder than it looks.  There may be a project that may be too hard to tackle and  you need professional trades people to help.  You can order the  materials and become the product manager on job, but its no longer DIY if you get a pro to finish the job.   It is hard to acknowledge when a job is too much to handle; but its better to get help now so  that you don't pay more in the long run for a DIY disaster.

Friday, December 29, 2017

I love color

I love color

This is the norm at home, I hate bland beige walls which have no personality.  I prefer a splash of color everywhere so that there is no mistake people know  that they are in your home.  I painted my living room a carribean blue  which is just beautiful with the West elm green and tan drapes against it. I love how my furniture which is blue looks against the walls for a monochromatic look.  Most of the time I add my white slipcovers to create bold contrast against the walls.  The living room  looks great. 
Some people would not have painted all walls the same color only an accent wall but it would have been hard to combine a secondary color to this really bold color.  The contrast would not have looked right, so I preferred the entire room.   Here are photos of my living room

Rearranging a Room for functionality or esthetics

Rearranging a room 

Sometimes a room can be decorated with both in mind, it an be rearranged 
to look beautiful and function well.  But there are times that furniture can be placed in an place in room because of the room layout itself.  There may be an awkward half wall dividing the room or not enough wall space to place furniture against it.  What do you do?
In the case of the half wall, if it is a simple wall with no electrical or plumbing, it should be removed to give you more space in the room for furniture placement.   Removing the half wall will instantly make room bigger.  
If your space mainly has windows and very minimal wall space,the best solution is too place furniture in L shape position towards the center of room.  This will make the space more intimate, casual and inviting.  Allow some space from window to sofa to place a console or allow people to walk behind sofa to look out widow and enjoy beautiful views.  Allow the  space to be focal point by adding a wall mounted TV or a fireplace. 
This method allows for both functionality and look great.  The space functions and is beautiful .   Don't forget to place that old slipcovered recliner in a nice corner away from a wall.  Trust me it will look great there too.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

MY Christmas lights in Ocala FL

My neighbors and I put up lights outside this year making this street the most lighted up this year.   Lights are pretty and joyful.   Here are some photos of my lights only.

My scrapbooks

I enjoy scrap booking, it is relaxing and fun. My scrapbooks are time capsules for the future  I have one for current  events, for favorite things, for genealogy and for journaling.   It is good to   express yourself in a creative way to de stress from every day living.  Here are some of my photos

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

MY NYC Trip last year

I took a lot of photos of  Times Square  and of  Bronxville NY  I have family that lives there.

Here are some of the photos