Saturday, March 29, 2014

DIY disaster turned bold masterpiece

A few years ago, I had stained an old table with mini wax stain in a mahogany red stain. There were a few years where the stain remained in very good condition as I kept it indoors. As I left it in the screened porch area, I noticed that the stain started to form a chalky residue and rub off. I was disappointed that the stain started to look really bad; so I decided to sand it all off and start from scratch by painting the table in a bold loud scream out Yellow color. I purchased this durable exterior outdoor spray paint since I decided to keep it in the screen porch area. I wanted to create a Moroccan theme porch area since it is not really used; opted to create a sort of nursery for plants with colorful tables. I love my bold yellow table, now I plan to go thrift shopping for small plant stands in funky octagonal shapes and paint them in bold blue and orange colors. I plan to add a nice colorful rug. There goes the funky Moroccan nursery porch area.

Love my bold Yellow table

Big bold exterior yellow paint sealed that will last out doors for years

Obama care myths and lies debunked

Americans have been fed a campaign of misinformation by the Conservative Groups such as Heritage and their elected politicians since 2010. The constant lies have created the backlash that caused the wave of republicans being voted in to office in 2010. To this very day, many people believe the lies that Obama care is a government take over of health care and that in itself is a big lie. The Democrats wanted a single payer system like Canada but that was a government take over of health care and Republicans and moderate Democrats were not in favor of that; so Congress settled on a nationalized version of Romney's health care plan which was developed by the heritage foundation. It incorporated government regulation with private HMO, Drug companies and health care providers. The reason Obama care is so massive is that it is a law that regulates the health care industry in the U.S. that is all it does. It creates computerized medical records system, streamlines how health care companies should make payments to doctors and hospitals; to reduce health care costs over time. The law is expensive to implement because there was no health care regulations so HMO could discriminate against people with pre existing conditions; woman paid higher premiums for being woman. Conservatives took snippets of the law and distorted it; Sarah Palin's death panels were actually an annual medical advisory panel that would review procedures or medical tests for the insurance not the individual. The media should be unbias in its reporting but often, it is in its over reporting or under reporting of stories that the bias can be seen. When one network has spent six years in airing stories of families with Obama care horror stories that are later debunked by rival news network reporters making a story out of the lies and misinformation from one network than the public doesn't know who to trust. In fact, this blog post is an editorial on Obama care and the misinformation campaign behind it that has negatively shaped public opinion against it unfairly. I am always amazed how Americans say they don't believe the media; but allow their opinions to be shaped by the media. My advice to the average news junkie; read non-editorial sources from government sites such as  and the  to read the affordable care act law.  Read press releases from Public relations firms that journalists receive to create a news story such as PR News.